Rocky Boots distributed in Europe
Rocky Boots brand's landed in Europe
One of the biggest American producer of military/outdoors boots wants to meet the european taste about tactical boots.
Rocky went to the source and asked Navy SEALs and SpecWar operators what they wanted and needed for footwear. The operators wanted a lot. They wanted a boot that would drain easily, was flash and fire resistant, could be worn days at a time, would stand up to rope work or kicking in doors, could be worn with swim fins, and would provide traction on various surfaces. So in that way S2V model was born.

Built with the Special Operations warrior in mind, the Rocky S2V is one of the most innovative combat boots available. Made out of MIL-SPEC materials, the S2V is flame retardant, has anti-microbial properties built into the interior of the boot which combat foot rot and infections, and has a built in fast rope guard on the inside of the boot. The materials do not absorb any water, and built in one way drain holes quickly drain the Rocky S2V. The boot is finished off with a water/oil resistant Vibram sole, 1,000-denier Cordura sides and padded collar that are treated with PTFE coating for flame and flash resistance and . The boot has a flesh and water-resistant leather upper withstanding fire hazards and the rigors of sea-to-land warfare. SuperFabric® insteps are ASTM tested by exposure to multi-directional abrasion until clear damage is done to the fabric. The S2V SuperFabric withstood 35,000 cycles, which was 1.9 X more cycles than Keprotech®2, and 14.5 X more cycles than Cordura®. This translates to supreme resistance to cuts, abrasions, punctures, rope burn, animal bites, and rot.
It is completely made in the U.S. and is Berry Compliant.

The name, S2V, comes from the Navy SEAL motto : "Stealth plus silence equals victory" .

Colours available: Tan , Black and Sage
Sizes : 7-12; 13; 14; 15