UMEX 2018: Marathon targets showcased the T40 robotic mobile target

Marathon Targets presents its autonomous mobile targets solution at Umex 2018. The T40 is the most capable and versatile of the Marathon family of robotic targets. It has a perfect balance of speed, acceleration, armor, target realism and customisable hit response.

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The T40 is a autonomous human-sized mobile training target

Autonomous control enables both fast-paced and long-duration multi-target operation, day and night, beyond the visual range. The T40 is human sized and carries a realistic 3D manequin which can be engaged from any direction. The target moves, turns and accelerates fast, matching human capabilities on the battlefield. When shot, the T40 provides instant visual feedback by stopping and dropping its mannequin to full-flat position. The target can be configured to tolerate a number of hits and slow down, flinch or produce sound effect when hit. Surounding targets responds in a coordinated way, creating a realistic and dynamic tactical environment.

Scenarios can be short or long, simple or complex, repeatable of unpredictable. the system can be used for intense training on specific skills or long-term endurance exercises, with any number of targets. Besides moving marskmanship, the system enables training of essential combat skills such as shoot/no-shoot decision making, rules of engagement and fire control. T40 is a mature and proven product with a worldwide fleet that has accumulated over a million round hits and over 100K Km driven.