Lebanese company SkyPro UAV displays its V200D UAV at UMEX 2018

At UMEX 2018, held at ADNEC Convention and Exhibition Center, on February 25, 2018 in Abu Dhabi,The lebanese company SkyPro UAV showcases its V200 UAV. This UAV feature state-of-the-art performance, endurance and ease of deployment.

UMEX 2018 Sky Pro UAV V200 925 001
The Sky Pro UAV V200D 

The V200 is ideally adapted to perform intelligence gathering, aerial security, aerial protection and monitoring missions for military and security applications. Monitoring of power transmission lines, pipelines, construction sites and S&R (Search and Rescue) are some of the civilian and public safety missions easily performed by the V200.

Powered by ultra-efficient electric propulsion, the V200 UAVs don’t need fuel, need no maintenance, and even a single operator can execute complete missions with minimal training.

With non-stop flight duration up to 3 hours (ASL = 0, wind conditions apply and depends on models and equipment), operational and real-time encrypted video broadcast range at distances 10 to 60 Km, the 360° vision with 10X continuous optical-zoom cameras and night vision and 25mm thermal cameras and equipped with a unique parachute landing system and an advanced Ground Control Station (GCS). The V200 surpasses many well-known UAVs at a fraction of their cost.

The V200 UAV system offers rapid tactical deployment - less than 5 minutes to flight. The automatic hand launch feature makes it the fastest UAV to be airborne. Once it completes its mission, the unique parachute landing system safely and easily returns the UAV to the operator, in contrast to many other UAVs which require a clear runway to land.

The advanced ground control station (GCS) offers an interactive mission planning software tool to design and monitor live missions with target tracking and geo-pointing. Real-time video from the UAV is displayed after being processed with built-in video enhancement devices. All video is recorded at the GCS in standard high quality video format.

Compared to using traditional helicopters or fixed wing manned aircraft for surveillance, our UAVs provide major savings on Capital and Operating expenses (CapEx and OpEx), instantly - while minimizing expenses and risk to human life and property.

The System has already been sold to different Armed Forces in the Middle East region: Lebanon, UAE, Egypt,...

UMEX 2018 Sky Pro UAV V200 925 002

The Sky Pro UAV V200D