Ukraine - Russia Invasion conflict

According to a video published by the Russian press agency TASS, the Russian army moves more T-90M Main Battle Tanks in the Svatovsky direction, in Luhansk Oblast of Eastern Ukraine. Recently, a video was published on Social Networks showing a T-90M Main Battle Tattle (MBT) in the city of Bakhmut.

According to a viral video released on Social Networks, Ukrainian soldiers of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade continue to fight Russian troops in the city of Bakhmut using a captured Russian T-80U. The video shows a completely isolated tank that continues to fight in the city in order to prevent the capture of the city by the Wagner Group, the Russian paramilitary organization.

According to a video published on the Twitter account of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Oleksii Reznikov on April 18, 2023, the Ukrainian naval infantry unit has received the first AMX-10RC 6x6 anti-tank and reconnaissance armored vehicles donated by France. According to our analysis, the AMX-10RC supplied by France to Ukraine is the AMX-10RCR version which is an improved version of the original AMX-10RC.

Despite the age of the BTR-60PB and BTR-70 armored personnel carriers, which were designed in the 1950s and 1960s, both pro-Russian units within the Russian Armed Forces and the Ukrainian army continue to utilize these vehicles in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The persistence of these older models on the battlefield highlights the diverse range of equipment being employed in the conflict.

The Russian artillery units of the Western Military District, deployed in Ukraine for combat operations, use MT-12 100mm anti-tank guns to destroy Ukrainian artillery batteries, defensive structures, suppress command posts and eliminate enemy firepower, ammunition depots, weaponry, and military equipment. They are assisted by drones to identify targets and adjust fire.

The war triggered by Russia in Ukraine has generated a big surge in the role played by fixed-wing and quadcopter drones of all sizes, ranging from small privately-owned machines (almost toys) up to large-size and powerful ones. This move has led to the creation of start-ups producing drones in various quantities. UkrOboronProm launches a type of its own, called Spectator-M1. On March 16, Army Recognition interviewed Oleh Boldyryev, Project Manager at UkrOboronProm, about the origin of this drone.

According to information published by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian airborne troops received TOS-1A heavy flamethrower systems that are widely used in the battle for the conquest of the city of Barkmut. The vehicle is considered a terror weapon due to its destructive capabilities and the use of thermobaric rockets. In summary, the thermobaric effect is characterized by the release and ignition of a fuel-air mixture, resulting in a powerful blast wave, intense heat, and oxygen depletion.

According to a video published on the Facebook account of the Ukrainian Army Operational Command "North" on April 10, 2023, a reconnaissance unit of the 30th Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces used drones to localized scarce Russian Repeynik radar designed to detect and track UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and then destroyed by the 45th Separate Artillery Brigade using M777 155mm towed howitzer. Only 11 Repeynik radars are in service with the Russian armed forces.

According to information and video published on the Internet, the Ukrainian armed forces use a UR-77 mine-clearing vehicle to strike Russian positions in the battle for the city of Bakhmut. The city is an important strategic location in eastern Ukraine. It is situated in the Donetsk region, close to the border with the Luhansk region, and serves as a key transportation hub connecting the two regions.

As shown in a tweet posted on April 1 by Ukraine Weapons Tracker, the Ukrainian army started to use ancient KS-19 100mm anti-aircraft guns. Though initially designed to be used against air targets, now they are used against ground targets - in indirect and possibly direct fire mode. The first KS-19 guns entered service in 1947.

According to reports released by ROSTEC, the Russian state defense agency, the Russian Ministry of Defense is expressing interest in equipping their Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) with the Arena-M Active Protection System (APS), developed by the High Precision Systems holding company. The plan is to first install the APS on T-80BVM and T-90M Proryv tanks.

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