IDEX 2023: Griffin Defence showcases TD220 and TD550 unmanned helicopters

TD220 coaxial unmanned helicopter is a small utility unmanned helicopter platform that features a high autonomous degree, first-rate reliability and safety, and strong mission expansion ability. As a domestically top-notch small unmanned helicopter, it is characterized by its high loading capacity, long endurance, and high operational ceiling.
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Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Griffin Defence TD550 unmanned helicopter (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Max take-off weight can reach 350 kg and the payload can reach 50 kg. Three general-purpose suspension points are configured at the nose and fuselage for carrying different types of payloads, and thus its mission expandability is excellent. In addition, TD220 is designed with high aerodynamic efficiency and long endurance, which can reach a maximum of 6 hours.

TD220 adopts the coaxial dual-rotor layout and is compact in its structure. The maximum fuselage dimension is only 2.1m, which is at least 50% smaller than that of the aircraft of the same level with conventional configuration (2.16 m x 1.76 m x 1.01 m). By virtue of its modular design, it is easy to store, transport, operate, and maintain. Deployment and withdrawal can both be finished within 20 minutes. Moreover, it features flexible maneuverability and convenient operation.

By leveraging the electronic control – individual control technology for rotor control and the cutting-edge H∞ control algorithm, TD220 achieves high-accuracy self-adaptive control and strong anti-interference capability. With the integrated navigation technology based on multi-source fusion, even though one sensor fails, its safety will not be affected. Relying on the system self-monitoring and emergency safety policies, TD220 can still automatically return to base in case of satellite shielding and data link interruption, and can still execute and complete missions in diversified adverse weathers.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Griffin Defence TD550 unmanned helicopter (Picture source: Army Recognition)

TD550 kg Coaxial unmanned helicopter

The TD-550 kg Coaxial unmanned helicopter is configured with a multiple redundant flight control system (FCS), supercharged piston aeroengine, and integrated fiber-optic inertial navigation system (FINS) and BeiDou navigation satellite system (BDS). Thus, it features high autonomous degree, strong expandability, excellent environmental adaptability, first-rate reliability and safety, magnificent flight performance, and extensive industrial customizability.

Some characteristics: military standard design, strong wind resistance capability, flight under pure inertial navigation, small transportation dimensions, rapid deployment and withdrawal, multiple purposes, and operation on sub plateau. Dimensions: 4.2 mx1.5 mx1.8 m.


1. Excellent plateau performance and strong expandability
It is designed with advanced aerodynamic configuration and configured with the supercharged piston aeroengine, and thus it is applicable to take-off/landing at a high altitude as well as continuous operation with heavy load at a high efficiency. It features high loading capacity, fast flight speed, long endurance, and strong expandability.

2. Dual-redundancy FCS and high reliability
By leveraging the dual-redundancy high-precision HeliAP flight control technology, it presents first-rate reliability and safety, high control accuracy, and preeminent stability.

3. High autonomous degree and excellent environmental adaptability
With manual control flight, programmable flight, and one-key fully autonomous flight functions, it is capable of autonomous take-off/landing, spot hovering, autonomous obstacle avoidance, emergency return to base, and precise targeted delivery. Thanks to its excellent environmental adaptability, it can be well adapted to high/low-temperature, hygrothermal, rainy, sandy and dusty, salt-fog, mold, and hypobaric environments.

4. Simple structure and high safety
Owing to its simple structure, it is easy to remove and install, and thus the cost for manufacturing and maintenance is low. Its small size facilitates its transportation. Supreme safety becomes a highlight on the strength of its diversified safety policies such as the flight control redundancy design, navigation redundancy design, flight envelop protection control, emergency power supply, emergency return to base, avoidance of no-fly zone, real-time safety monitoring in ground control station, and automatic monitoring, isolation, and warning for failures.

Loadable payloads: EO pod, suspension equipment for transportation, communication relay equipment, SAR, HD mapping equipment, onboard weapons, etc. Product applications: reconnaissance and surveillance, NRBC detection and reconnaissance, transportation and delivery.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Griffin Defence's stand at IDEX 2023 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Griffin Defence extends its specialization in remotely controlled vehicles to UGVs (Picture source: Army Recognition)