Rocket Resupply vehicle truck for Type 90B MLRS technical data sheet specifications pictures video

Rocket Resupply vehicle for Type 90B 122mm MLRS
Rocket Resupply vehicle truck for Type 90B MLRS technical data sheet specifications pictures information description intelligence photos images video identification tracked armoured vehicle China army defense industry military technology Norinco
The Rocket Resupply Vehicle is specifically designed to support the Type 90B MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System. The truck is used to reload the rocket launcher vehicle.
Technical Data
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A single crane is mounted in the center of the truck chassis. Two cradles with 40 rockets each are available to reload the Type 90B launcher vehicle. A hydraulically operated collapsible awning is mounted over the rear deck for use as protection and camouflage. The jib of the crane is 2.8 m long and it can traverse 360°. The vehicle is able to carry a total of 80 rockets.
The Rocket Resupply vehicle of Type 90B MLRS uses a 6x6 truck chassis North-Benz 2629. The North-Benz 2629A truck has a two-door forward control cab with four seats. The truck is powered by a German Deutz 1013/1015 liquid-cooled turbocharged diesel engine rated at 220~480hp. The unique transmission and fuel designs guarantee the vehicle to function normally in temperature between -40°C and 50°C. The truck can run at a maximum speed of 85 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 800 km.
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Rocket resupply vehicle for Type 90B MLRS
Country users
40 + 40 rockets
North-Benz 2629 (6x6)
Road Range truck
800 km
Dimensions truck
Length: 9.31 m; Width: 2.49 m; Height: 3.02 m

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