The President is both Chief of State and Head of Government. The total active manpower is around 100,000 soldiers, including reserve force.
There are also Para-military forces with, 28,000 police force and anti-terrorist unit, and 10,000 national volunteer forces. There is none conscription, only volunteer forces.
The total forces the Sri Lanka Land Forces is around 90,000 soldiers, including reserve force, with the structure:
- 4 division HQ
- 1 mechanized infantry brigade
- 1 air mobile brigade
- 18 infantry brigades
- 2 reconnaissance regiments
- 5 task force groups
- 3 artillery regiment
- 1 air-defense regiment
- 4 engineer regiment
- 1 commando regiment
- 1 airborne battalion
- 1 Special Forces battalion

Military equipment and vehicle Sri Lankan army

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