South African Artillery vehicles and systems of South Africa
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T5-45 T5-52 Condor 155mm wheeled truck self-propelled howitzer
Condor T5-45 52 155mm truck mounted gun howitzer Denel land systems South African defence industry 640
The T5-45/52 also named Condor is 155mm truck-mounted artillery system designed and developed by the South African Company Denel Land Systems. The system was developed for the Indian market after a request for a new wheeled self-propelled howitzer.

G6-52 155mm 52 caliber gun wheeled self-propelled howitzer

G6-52 155mm 52 calibre wheeled self-propelled howitzer data sheet specifications description information intelligence pictures photos images video  identification South Africa African army defence industry military technology Denel Land Systems artillery armoured vehicle

The G6-52 is a further development of the basic version of the G6 Rhino which was designed and manufactured by the South African defence Company Denel Land Systems. The G6-52 version is armed with a new gun of 155mm/52 calibers to increase firing range and rate of fire.

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