Rosoboronexport showcases its combat proven equipments at Sofex 2018

AO Rosoboronexport (state arms trade agency incorporated by Rostec state corporation) displays modern types of arms and military equipment, including those tested during the counter-terrorist operation in Syria, at the international Special Forces Operations Exhibition (SOFEX) held in Amman, Jordan, Rosoboronexport press service reports.

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The Shmel-M is similar to the original weapon, but has a calibre of 90 mm, a weight of 8.8 kg (19 lb), and an overall length of 940 mm (Picture source Army Recognition)

The agency has revealed that the Russian display site presents Tiger and Typhoon-K motor vehicles, BTR-80/80A/82A armored personnel carriers, A-220M 57 mm light automatic artillery mount, Kornet-E and Kornet-EM anti-tank guided weapon systems, sights and night vision devices, compact radars, PDM-A Shmel-M reactive flamethrowers, 2B24 82 mm mortars, Bur compact grenade launcher, various examples of grenade launchers and small arms, Igla-S and Verba man-portable antiaircraft systems, antiaircraft ultra-short range antiaircraft missile system derived from Strelets for Igla-type of man-portable SAM, RShG-2 rocket-powered assault grenade, and various munitions. "Many examples have successfully proved their outstanding capabilities during the Russian Aerospace Forces’ operation in Syria," the agency noted.

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The SA-25 VERBA 9K333 is the next generation of MANPADS designed and manufactured in Russia by the Company KBM  (Picture source Army Recognition)

Also, displayed at the exhibition, a TOS-1A heavy flame-throwing system. "In the Middle East, TOS-1A is particularly popular recently due to its excellent performance in large-scale anti-terrorist operations," the agency pointed out. "Military technical cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has a high potential for growth. In the course of the exhibition it is planned to hold meetings with the politico-military leadership of Jordan on the current and future projects in defense cooperation," said Alexander Mikheyv, Director General of Rosoboronexport. The defense cooperation between Russia and Jordan started in 1981. Following 2000, that Middle East country had received from Russia Il-76MF transport aircraft and Kornet-E ATGW. Also, there was organized in Jordan manufacture of RPG-32 Nashshab grenade launchers designed by Russian experts.