Bionic Power exhibits its PowerWalk kinetic harvester at Sofex 2018

At Sofex 2018, company Bionic Power showcases its kinetic energy harvester, the PowerWalk. The development and testing of their products is supported by the US Army, USMC and the Canadian Department of Defense.

bionic power powerwalk kinetic harvesting sofex2018 925 001
Bionic Power showcases its PowerWalk on their booth at Sofex 2018 (Picture source Army Recognition)

Bionic Power's PowerWalk kinetic energy harvester generates substantial power from normal walking with minimal physical effort. Its 11W output can be used to keep batteries charged, extending mission duration and reducing battery weight carried. It uses regenerative braking system similar to a hybrid electric vehicle. While walking, muscles are constantly accelerating and decelerating the knee joint. The PowerWalk takes advantage of this by assisting the muscles with braking to decelerate the knee joint and simultaneously generate power. The system is comfortable and offers no noticeable impediment to mobility trough the use of flexible materials and a patented, tracking knee linkage.

It offers power in remote locations for an unlimited duration, reduce load by reducing quantity of batteries carried, increase mission flexibility, a diminution of logistics needs and the regenerative braking system reduces effort downhill. Biomechanical and human factors testing has been conducted by the US ARmy Natick Soldier Research (NSRDEC). The tests showed that the knee-based kinetic harvesting has the lowest cost of harvesting and best power to weight ration of all harvesting systems evaluated to date. No mobility impairment was observed and an average of 11W was measured.