FK BRNO is exhibiting its new 7,5 FK Field pistol and 6,5 rifle system 31005164

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FK BRNO is exhibiting its new 7,5 FK Field pistol and 6,5 rifle system
FK BRNO from Czech Republic is presenting its new 7,5 Field pistol which is a completely new proprietary cartridge caliber. The case is 27 mm long, the total length of the cartridge is 35 mm, and the head diameter of the case is 10,8 mm. This caliber is not a necked down version of any other caliber. The case is designed to withstand higher pressures than is usually used in pistol calibers.
FK-BRNO-sofex-640-0017,5 FK Field Pistol exhibited at SOFEX 2016

The 7,5 FK cartridge will not fit in any magazine, nor will it function in any current production model pistol.

The pistol is a single action, tilting barrel type mechanism, with a proprietary recoil attenuating system. This not a modified designs of another product or pistol model.

This is a completely new and unique concept and design, and the intellectual rights to the system have been registered and claimed by FK Brno. The Grip has an integral Rim that can be used with the proprietary folding stock if and when required.

The Design is very Ergonomic, and even though the magazine holds 14, 35 mm long rounds, the smallest hands will be able to fully wrap around the optimally angled grip of the pistol. The frame and slide are very slender and streamlined for such a size cartridge and caliber.
FK-BRNO-sofex-640-0026,5 rifle system at SOFEX 2016

The 6,5 rifle also exhibited at FK BRNO's stand is modified mauser action with a specially designed match grade conical barrel in two lengths 56 and 61 cm. Using a unique and proprietary multiradial twist.

It has a 3 and 6 round magazine, an adjustable stock for both length and height, made from a special mix of polymers, so that it maintains rigidity while having a lower weight than wood or other rigid polymers.

All metal parts of the rifle including the barrel are nitrided using a unique process that also increase corrosion resistance and barrel life.