SITDEF 2015: Antonov presents new An-132 and An-178 transport aircraft in Latin America 1605157

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14 -17 May 2015, Lima, Peru
Antonov at SITDEF 2015
SITDEF 2015: Antonov presents new An-132 and An-178 transport aircraft in Latin America
Antonov Company presents its modern programs at SITDEF 2015, one of the biggest exhibitions of Latin America that was open in Lima, Peru on May 14, 2015. The Ukraine-based aircraft manufacturer is showcasing a large range of military aircraft, among them the brand-new An-178 military transport aircraft, based on the An-158.
SITDEF 2015 Antonov presents new An 132 and An 178 transport aircraft in Latin America 640 001Antonov's booth at SITDEF 2015 exhibition in Lima, Peru
Antonov aircraft are well known in the region. In 1966 eight An-24 passenger aircraft were delivered to Cuba. After that more than 240 An-24 and An-28 passenger aircraft, An-26 and An-32 transports, An-2 light multipurpose biplanes were delivered to customers from Latin America. They achieved good reputation while reliably flying under difficult climatic conditions. Antonov Company provides aftersale support of these airplanes, working closely with aviation administrations and aviation companies. Besides, operators are suggested to perform various works on modernization and re-equipment of Antonov aircraft.

Basing on many years positive experience of Antonov aircraft operation in the countries of Latin America, today Antonov makes an accent on effective aircraft operation support. Antonov includes a serial plant, where aircraft that are continuing operation in the region were manufactured. This is an important factor to realize this activity.

Taking into account peculiarities of the Latin-American market, Antonov presents new transports to attention of the aircraft operators. One of them is the An-132 light multipurpose turboprop transport, intended for carrying various cargoes weighting up to 9.2 t on short- and medium-haul routes. Besides, it will be able to perform aerial delivery of cargoes on parachute platforms and airdropping of paratroopers, to transport personnel as well as to be used under emergency situations to carry sick and injured persons. The An-132 will inherit the best characteristics of its predecessor: operation in hot climate and in mountain terrains owing to high thrust-weight ratio, basing on all the airfields, reliability and flexibility to operation conditions. The An-132 will have two-member crew “glass” cockpit, board systems and equipment meeting all the modern standards. In-built loading/unloading equipment and auxiliary power unit provide autonomous operation while basing at unprepared airfields.

The An-178 transport jet having payload up to 18 t will be able to effectively work in conditions of the region. Nowadays this aircraft is undergoing a tests program. It is created according to demands of aviation operators drawing on the Antonov’s vast experience in operation of the worldwide famous An-12 transport that the An-178 is going to replace. Besides, the new aircraft is being considered to be a basic platform for creation of a range of modifications of civil and military destinations. Thus, its development is planned not only in direction of creation of functionally different variants and modifications, but also equipping it with units, systems and equipment of alternative suppliers. This let extend a potential aircraft market and maximally adapt it to specific customers’ requirements.

At the exhibition, Antonov also presents a family of the An-148 and An-158 regional jets. They proved their effectiveness while performing various tasks, including carrying passengers, sick and injured people during natural disasters, high-comfortable carrying of VIPs.

The An-158 passenger aircraft successfully passed tests in highlands of Latin America. The tests were performed in airports of Latakunga, Ecuador (2800 m above the sea level), La Pas, Bolivia (4000 m above the sea level). At present, 5 such aircraft are operated in Cubana de Aviacion, Cuban airlines.

Taking part in SITDEF 2015, Antonov Company is intended to conduct negotiations with representatives of commercial aviation companies, ministries of defence of Latin America, and managers of aviation enterprises. These meetings may become a start point of new joint aviation projects between Ukraine and Latin America.