SITDEF 2015: AM General LLC presents Peru's HUMVEE M1151A1 tactical vehicle

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14 -17 May 2015, Lima, Peru
AM Gat SITDEF 2015
SITDEF 2015: AM General LLC presents Peru's HUMVEE M1151A1 tactical vehicle
During SITDEF 2015 exhibition, which is running from 14-17 May in Lima, US-based company AM General LLC showcases its well-known HUMVEE M-1151A1. In 2013, the Peruvian Land Forces and AM General LLC signed a $5.7 million contract for the purchase of 36 HUMVEE tactical vehicles. For the first time, the US company is showcasing one of the vehicles specially designed for the Peruvian Armed Forces.
SITDEF 2015 AM General LLC presents Peru HUMVEE M1151A1 tactical vehicle 640 001AM General  HUMVEE M-1151A1 at SITDEF 2015
AM General LLC's HUMVEE MM1151A1 is a 4x4 high-mobility multipurpose tactical vehicle. The M1151A1 is motorized with a General Engine Product (GEP) V8, 6.5l Turbocharged Diesel engine developing 190 hp. at 3,400 rpm. The M1151A1 can run at a maximum speed of 113 km/hr. with a maximum cruising range of 402 km.

The layout of the M1151A1 is similar to the standard version of Humvee with engine at the front, crew compartment in the centre with four seats and cargo area at the rear. The M1151 is equipped with a standard armour package developed for the HMMWVs family, but the M1151A1 can be equipped with an adaptable armour packages. The Integrated Armor Protection (IAP) package of the M1151A1 includes underbody armor, rocker armor, lower windscreen deflector armor and energy absorbing seats. M1151A1 HMMWVs could be fitted with a default A-Kit armor package, with the option of addition B-Kit packages offering added protection.

Peruvian's M115A1 HUMVEE vehicles have been equipped with special equipment in order to be fitted with Spike LR anti-armour missiles, made by Israel-based company Rafael. The weight of the missile is 14 kg (30 lb 14 oz), and the weight of the complete system is less than 45 kg (99 lb 3 oz).[9] Maximum range is 4,000 m (13,000 ft) and it is used by infantry and light combat vehicles. It adds fiber-optic communication to and from the launching soldier during flight.