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Based in Singapore, Arcans provides global value-added logistics solution and services to help its customers succeed today in today's fast pace and ever-evolving busines environment. The company is specialized in the promotion and the development of service or products offers in the military and civil field. Basing itself on its experience gained within the French Army Forces, Arcans company can ensure promotion, follow-up and development of all defense products and services. By its establishment in Singapore, Arcans Company occupies an ideal and strategic position to develop your activities on the Asian continent. Today Arcans succeeded in creating a solid network of economic partner in Asia, making it possible to ensure the development of solutions and innovating projects.
Arcans Services
Development and promotion of defense products and services.

You wish to develop your activities in the military field and to reach new customers, to launch new projects on the continent of Asia, Arcans Company is able to provide a comprehensive logistics solution and a service of assistance of quality to help you to start and maintain your offers of service and/or products of defense. Arcans Company is also a council office, of which the goal is to bind the activities of your company on the continent of Asia, it is the essential and effective hyphen between industries of Safety and Defense and the countries of the Asia continent. Several companies use today with successfully the services of Arcans company, of which CubiSystem which produces a system of floating bridge, Envelop Cover specific manufacturer of cover used in the military field, and more.

Arcans Services:
- Promote innovative equipments
- Assist projects development
- Link potential partners
- Collect targeted information
- Take administrative steps
Original manufacturing equipment (OEM)
Thanks to its relations and the development of a broad network of business and contacts in the field of the industry of defense at the Asian level, Arcans can also provide you a broad product range, components, and equipment complete according to your needs. Arcans can ensure a follow-up since the design, until the manufacture of your products by respecting the times and the constraints of cost. Arcans can provide you a service of accompaniment to accelerate and reinforce the appropriation of new materials of defense or safety, land or naval within the armed forces in South-East Asia.
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Defense Exhibition
Arcans Company is active in the sector of Defense Exhibition, by a representation in South-East Asia for the International Defense Exhibition, Eurosatory. One of the most important event in the Land, Homeland, Airland Defense Exhibition.
Naval sector
Arcans also has acquired an experience in the naval sector, and more particularly in the opening realization of bridge. Arcans obtained several contracts for the account of civilians and defense companies, for the watery deployment of quay, made up of blocks of floating cubes.
Land Sector
Connected to a large network of industries in different sectors of defense markets, Arcans address your needs in raw materials, components, semi-finished products and complete equipment. Ranging from design to manufacturing, Arcans ensure high quality products as well as time and cost savings, for a large range of products as: defense components, communication, optronics, etc.
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