The Singapore Armed Forces SAF is the military arm of the Total Defence of Singapore; as well as the military component of the Ministry of Defence. The SAF comprises three branches: the Singapore Army, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN). The SAF protects the interests, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Singapore from external threats. The Ministry of Defense is headed by a minister for rather than of Defense. The Defense Minister is assisted by the Second Minister and Minister of State. The totale active manpower of the Singapore Armed Forces is around 50,000 active personnel and 250,000 National Servicemen. There is a conscription of 24 to 30 months. The Para-military forces are 12,000 police officers, 100,000 personnel for the reserve force.
The Land Forces of the Singapore Army is around 40,000 soldiers with the structure:
- 2 Command HQ
- 2 Army Reserve Divisions
- 3 Combined Arms Divisions with, 1 armoured and 2 mechanised infantry brigades, 1 combat engineer battalion, 1 signal battalion, 1 armoured recce battalion, 1 air defense artillery battalion, 2 field artillery battalion, 1 field artillery target acquisition battalion.
- 1 Independent armoured brigade, 1 Guards brigade, 3 artillery battalions, 1 commando battalion, 6 engineer and transport battalions, 1 signal battalion, 1 intelligence battalion, 1 bridging battalion.

Military equipment and vehicles Singaporean Army of Singapore.