ShieldAfrica 2021: DCD displays Springbuck HD armoured vehicle

During ShieldAfrica, the International Land Defense Exhibition that is taking place in Abidjan, the South African Defense Company DCD Protected Mobility presented a 4x4 Springbuck HD armored vehicle.

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4 x 4 Springbuck HD armored vehicle (Picture source: Army Recognition)

This family of vehicles is simplistic in design, easy to operate by users, affordable (purchasing costs and life cycle costs) and can be produced in different variants (applications). The concept in design is modular and interior fits can easily be changed.

To ensure that the customer benefits from value for his money during the useful life of the product, a long-term relationship is formed with the customer. Product support is supplied with professional training, the development of publications (manuals), supply of spares, implementation of Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs) and field support close to the customer.

The permanent 4x4 Springbuck HD features a powerful MWM 6-cylinder diesel turbocharged engine and carries a driver and ten personnel. With B6 ballistic protection, the all-steel armored V-shaped hull is designed to withstand a TM57 landmine directly under the hull, or two under any wheel. The standard configuration can be easily adapted to suit various applications including ambulance, command and control, border patrol or tactical patrol. With the addition of turret-mounted weaponry, the vehicle can also be effectively used in combat.