ShieldAfrica 2019: RUAG France training system for individual weapons

Ruag France, presents its innovative solution of training system SITTAL at ShieldAfrica 2019, the International Defense and Security exhibition in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. The SITTAL offers a low cost solution to train the soldiers in real combat situations with different scenarios that can be adapted according to the current missions of police and military forces.

RUAG France training system for individual weapons at ShieldAfrica 2019 Abidjan Cote Ivoire 925 001
RUAG France SITTAL training system for individual weapons from 5.56mm to 20mm caliber and anti-tank weapon. (Picture source RUAG))

The SITTAL is a professional simulator for classroom shooting (indoor) dedicated to the training of small arms operators at the individual and collective levels. SITTAL is the shooting simulator widely used by French Forces for initial and refresher training.

The use of different weapons and the mastery of technique in complex situation requires shooters to assimilate precise movement patterns and individual as well as collective procedures which can only be acquired by manipulation and repetition.

The SITTAL answers this need perfectly. It places shooters in realistic conditions while taking into account weapons’ ballistic characteristics, without limits on ammunition, and without deterioration of the weapons and no risk for the personnel.

Using highly realistic 3D worlds offering a wide variety of environments from desert or Arctic to urban, SITTAL can be set up for squads/groups of around 5-10 soldiers and is available in either static (fixed) or mobile variants. It places trainees in realistic situations, enabling the shooters to experiment with and rehearse differing methods of achieving better results.

The SITTAL training simulation system can be used by 1 to 10 soldiers, each shooter can used different types of weapon ranging from 5.56 mm individual assault rifle to 20 mm automatic cannon, including pistols, assault rifles, riot guns, machine guns, auto-cannon and also anti-tank weapon such as the AT4.

The instructor can control all the combat scenarios thanks to the use of multiple monitors. It has the capacity to control all the firing operations individually and give live feedback after each training. The SITTAL offers an opportunity to control the level of training for each soldiers before the deployment in real combat situations.