Russian tank troopers use tank carousel tactics

Tank troopers of a motorized rifles brigade of the Central Military District (TsVO) have used a "tank carousel" tactics to destroy the conditional adversary at drills at Totskoye range in the Orenburg region, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Russian tank troopers use tank carousel tactics against potential adversary 2
T-90 MBT firing (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"The principle of this tactical method is as following: the first tank fires from the halt while the second is loading its allowance of ammunition. As the first tank advances to a position for firing from behind the flanks, the second one occupies a position for fire from the halt. The tank crews do not know the sectors of fire, the sequence of raising targets and the distance to them in advance.

The "tank carousel" makes it possible to deliver fire at a high rate and keep the conditional adversary under the impact of 125-mm guns non-stop. This tactics immobilizes enemy maneuvers on the battlefield; drives the adversary into "fire pockets" and suppresses promptly the most dangerous targets," the ministry said.

More than 600 servicemen and about 90 units of combat and specialized hardware were engaged in drilling the "tank carousel" method.