Russia has started the production of T-90S tanks for Vietnam

According the website, Russia has started the production of first batch of T-90S main battle tanks for the Vietnamese army at the Uralvagzonvad plant in Russia. In July 2017, the Russian News Agency TASS has announced that Russian Company Uralvagonzavod will supply 64 T-90S main battle tanks to Vietnam.

Russia has started the production of T 90S main battle tanks for Vietnam 925 001
Print screen of video footage anout the production line of T-90S at Uralvagonzavod plant (Picture source

The T-90S is one of the latest development in the T-90-series of Russian tanks and represents an increase in firepower, mobility and protection. It is in service with the Russian, Iraqi and the Indian Army.

Main armament of the T-90S includes one 125 mm 2A46M smoothbore gun, stabilized in two axes and fitted with a thermal sleeve. The gun tube can be replaced without dismantling inside the turret. The T-90S is intended to engage tanks fitted with ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour) as well as low-flying air targets such as helicopters, at a range of up to 5km. The missile system fires either the 9M119 or 9M119M missiles which have semi-automatic laser beam riding guidance and a hollow charge warhead.

The T-90S tank is protected by both conventional armour-plating and explosive reactive armour (ERA). The T-90S is fitted with the Shtora-1 defensive aids suite which is produced by Electronintorg of Russia. This system includes infrared jammer, laser warning system with four laser warning receivers, grenade discharging system which produces an aerosol screen and a computerized control system.