Montenegro: indigenous armored vehicle Masan unveiled

Montenegro Armour Group, located at Bijelo Polje, unveiled its indigenous 4x4 armored vehicle nicknamed Masan at Masline Barracks, in Podgorica. The concept of the vehicle was unveiled in 2017. The manufacturer received advices from the army and police to improve its design and performances in view of matching their respective needs.

Montenegro indigenous armored vehicle Masan unveiled
Montenegro Armour Group's prototype of the Masan was recently unveiled to army and police authorities (Picture source: Total Montenegro News)

The prototype was recently submitted to the Defense and Internal Affairs ministries for close examination. Hence, the development of a defense industry in Montenegro is seriously taken into consideration and even desired by the local authorities.

No information is available concerning the chassis on which the steel hull is placed, nor its engine (probably a 6-cylinder diesel developing more than 120 hp). The hood appears to be made of polymer material, not steel. So, only the hull is armored. The four-door Masan’s roof is equipped with a machine gun bracket. It seems to be foreseen to transport four people with their equipment.

Considering its configuration, the Masan appears dedicated to security forces and military liaison missions, not combat ones. It seems too small to accommodate any important radio equipment (until opposite information is released).