Live Streaming: The Europe Firefighter Combat Challenge Final sponsored by Army Recognition 50209162

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Live Streaming: The Europe Firefighter Combat Challenge Final sponsored by Army Recognition
Army Recognition is delighted to announce that it will sponsor the Europe Firefighter Combat Challenge Final wich takes place in Strasbourg, France between September 2nd and Sunday 4th.
The sponsorship consists in providing video services to the event organizers and the delivery to the Challenge winner of a 1000€ prize covering the participation costs at the World Firefighter Combat Challenge - wich will take place in the USA at the end of October.

"Army Recognition decided to sponsor this event because it is important for us to invest in the security field. Nowadays security has become a major concern in our society so we want to give our support to men who risk their life and dedicate it to our security. The Firefighter Combat Challenge and the firefighters in general also represents values like competitiveness, outperformance and teamwork. Values that we share in our company" said Alain Servaes, CEO of Army Recognition.

The final of the Europe Firefighter Combat Challenge 2016 will take place in Strasbourg (Zone Commerciale La Vigie, Rue du 23 Novembre, 67540 Ostwald, France). The event, organized by TFA Team Strasbourg will gather dozens of professional firefighters fom several european countries. (For more information, go to

About the Firefighter Combat Challenge
The FCC is a sport competition reserved to professional firefighters. Individual competitors or teams must complete a total of five events consecutively, that simulates the tasks of a firefighter during an intervention. (Stair Climb with High Rise Pack, Hose Hoist, Forcible Entry, Hose Advance and Victim Rescue). Competitors must wear a firefighter uniform (helmet, coat, pants with liners, boots, gloves, and a breathing apparatus) during the entire duration of competition. The Challenge is timed from the start of the first event to the end of the fifth event.