S-300PMU1 S-300 PMU1 SA-20A Gargoyle A systems vehicles surface to air defense missile

Systems and vehicles S-300PMU 1 SA-20A Gargoyle surface-to-air missile system
The next big evolutionary step in the S-300P air defense missile system was the introduction of a new export variant the S-300PMU1/SA-10D, in 1993. The S-300PMU1 was developed between 1985 to 1989, and was first shown at the 1992 Moscow Air Show. S-300PMU1 is composed with unit launchers 5P85S/SE and 5P85T/TE, engagement radar 30N6E1, acquistion radar 76N6E and command post 83M6E.
Data Sheet systems-vehicles S-300PMU/PMU1 SA-20A Gargoyle A