ATROM Aerostar Wheeled self-propelled howitzer
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General information
The ATROM is a self-propelled artillery howitzer mounted on a cross-country 6x6 wheeled vehicle, he is manufactured by the Romanian company Aerostar S.A, a variant of the Israeli ATMOS 2000. The Atrom was reveleted for the first time in 2003 during the Defense Exhibition, Expomil in Bucharest. The ATROM is armed with 155 mm / 52 calibre gun. The ARTROM has a crew of five, deployment operations are controlled by the gunner, from a hydraulic platform, which provides access to sight instruments and control system, and also provides comfortable loading and firing. The ATROM is a fully automatic self-propelled howitzer, with automatic and safe data transfer, by network connections among the attached ETC 2000 Tactical Computers, through all the echelons of command and with the Meteo Station, as well. The complete ATROM 155 mm/52 calibre system was integrated in Romania and fired for the first time late in October 2003 using various types of ammunition, including 155 mm Extended Range Full Bore - Base Bleed (ERFB-BB) that gives a range of at least 41 km.As with a number of countries in Eastern Europe, Romania is now moving towards NATO standard calibres for its weapons.
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Technical data
The ATROM is fitted with the Soltam 155-mm / L52 gun-howitzer. The same weapon is used on the ATMOS 2000. This gun-howitzer id fitted with a load assisting system. Maximum range of fire is 41 km with rocket assisted projectile and 30 km with standard HE projectile. The ATROM is compatible with all standard 155-mm NATO ammunition. Maximum rate of fire is between 4 and 9 rounds per minute. The ATROM is capable of firing 3 rounds in 20 seconds. The ATROM can carried 24 projectiles and modular propelling charges.
The ATROM uses locally developed ROMAN 26.360 DFAEG 6x6 truck chassis. The truck use for the ATROM is equipped with a double light armoured cabin, bulletproof windows and four doors. The ATROM has an effective protection against small arms calibre 7,62 x 39 mm, and mine.
The Atrom is motorised with a MAN 28866 LF 24 diesel engine, developing 360 hp.
The ATROM is equipped with a firing computer control system, coupled to an internal navigation system. Target information is received from forward observers. The ATROM is equipped with an hydraulic power pack who can operate the howitzer elevation and traverse gears, as well as the ammunition handling, loading systems, and the spade's actuators. The ATROM can be airlifted with a C-130 Hercules medium transport aircraft.
One 155 mm gun
Country users
Designer Company
Computer firing system, automatic fire control
5 soldiers
Protection against small arms caliber and artillery shell splinters.
26,000 kg
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