Pakistan Special Forces show strong interest in Russian made body armor

In the Krasnodar region, as part of Friendship 2019 joint Russian-Pakistani exercise, Special Forces servicemen of 49th combined arms army of the Southern Military District conducted fire training exercises for foreign colleagues using the latest small arms.

Pakistan Special Forces show strong interest in Russian made body armor
Shooting with upgraded Dragunov sniper rifles (Picture source: Russian MoD)

The guests showed particular interest in the upgraded Dragunov sniper rifle and Russian-made body armor of the 6th degree of protection, which they could not penetrate from SVD-S from a distance of 100 meters. In turn, servicemen from the engineering unit demonstrated to the guests from Pakistan how to install and detect various mines in the ground, including those that are difficult to detect with a mine detector. Next, Pakistani military personnel was involved in joint exercise on actions in the forest, marching, practicing a joint assault on the building and landing from the Mi-8AMTSh helicopter.

During the exercise, servicemen of the special forces of the two countries worked out cooperation in solving such problems as, in particular, the elimination of illegal armed groups. The exercise has been conducted in accordance with the plan of international military cooperation. It is ending this Friday, October 11.

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