Hyundai Rotem displays HR-Sherpa UGV at 2018 Robot World

Hyundai Rotem Co., a South Korean railway system and plant equipment manufacturer, announced on 10 October that it will promote the concept of unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) for military use at a local exhibition.

Hyundai Rotem displays HR Sherpa UGV at 2018 Robot World
Hyundai Rotem HR-Sherpa (Picture source: Yonhap)

At the 2018 Robot World that started on 10 October and will end on 13 October at the Kintex exhibition hall in Goyang, northeast of Seoul, Hyundai Rotem is displaying the unmanned HR-Sherpa military vehicle concept, a small unmanned ground vehicle, a mine detection robot system and wearable robots. Hyundai Rotem plans to continue to make investments in unmanned military vehicles and wearable robots.