Vietnam shows interest for Belarus T38 Stilet air defense missile system

Vietnam could be interested to purchase the Belarus air defense missile system T38 Stilet. A delegation of Vietnam has recently visited the factory of the Belarus Company Tetraedr Research and Production Complex, the manufacturer of the T38 Stilet.

Vietnam shows interest to purchase from Belarus T38 Stilet air defense missile system 925 001
Mobile launcher unit of T38 Stilet Belarus air defense missile system

The T38 STILET is a short-range air defense missile system designed and manufactured by Tetraedr of Belarus to provide enhanced combat and performance capabilities to air defence units.

The T38 STILET provides acquisition and identification of targets on the move and at halts, as well as engagement of target with one or two missiles from a short halt or from a stationary position. The T38 Stilet program involves a substantial rebuild of the legacy SA-8 Gecko weapon system, with digital hardware replacing much of the legacy Land Roll radar system and supporting computer system for the automatic CLOS missile guidance system.

The T381 launcher vehicle carries eight missile containers. There are installed in tow group of fours, one of each side of the radar block system. With twice the engagement range of the legacy SA-8 Gecko, better mobility, better ECCM capability, robust E/O engagement capability, and a faster missile round, the T38 Stilet system will be much more lethal and survivable than the legacy Gecko systems it replaces.

The T38 Stilet missile will have a maximum effective range of 20 km, and will be able to engage targets flying at speeds of up to 900 m/sec . at an altitude from 25 m to up 10,000 m.