British soldiers 1st Battalion of The Royal Welsh in Estonia

British soldiers from 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh have deployed to Estonia, renewing the UK’s commitment to our NATO allies in Europe and providing reassurance in the face of any potential aggression.

British soldiers from the 1st Battalion of The Royal Welsh are deployed in Estonia 925 001
British soldiers from the 5 RIFLES battlegroup, commencing a Coy level attack in the forests of Estonia. (Source picture British MoD)

Taking over from 5th Battalion The Rifles, which has been in the country since March, 800 soldiers from the Royal Welsh battlegroup arrived this week.

Following an official ceremony earlier today, The Royal Welsh will now lead the multinational enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup, supported by elements from the King’s Royal Hussars, the Royal Engineers and the Royal Artillery as well as soldiers from France and Denmark. The battlegroup will be part of the 1st Estonian Infantry Brigade.

The arrival of the Royal Welsh coincides with the second in a series of visits from four RAF Typhoons to Estonia, ready to train and work with UK personnel on the ground as well as our NATO allies.

The UK’s battlegroup forms part of the wider NATO enhanced Forward Presence, with multinational forces deployed across the Baltic States and Poland, led by the US, Canada and Germany. The UK has a further 150 soldiers based in Poland, part of the US led battlegroup and RAF Typhoons have recently completed a four month deployment to Romania, patrolling the Black Sea skies.