Russian BMP-2M IFV nearing end of testing

The testing phase of an upgraded version of the BMP-2 is nearly complete.

Russian BMP 2M IFV nearing end of testing
BMP-2M (Picture source: Army Recognition)

A source in the Russian military-industrial complex, speaking to TASS on November 3, 2019, said that testing of the upgraded vehicle, dubbed the BMP-2M, should be finished by the start of next month. The source noted, "The BMP-2M with the Berezhok combat module is a deep modernization of the BMP-2 in service. Currently, state tests of the newest vehicle are underway, they should be completed by December 1."

Among the improvements for the vehicles is a new module with a fire control system, new commander and gunner sights, an automatic grenade launcher, and an anti-tank missile system. TASS' source said, "Two missile launchers of guided anti-tank missiles Kornet, two missiles each, were installed in the fighting compartment of the BMP-2M."

Over 20 vehicles were said to be delivered to a military unit in the Russian Far East for testing earlier this year. Successful completion of the testing will enable a modernization program for the military's BMP-2s.

Anti-tank missile systems have proved to be effective at disrupting enemy forces on various battlefields in the Middle East, such as in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

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