Swedish Armed Forces order additional IRIS-T SLS surface-to-air missiles 21311151

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Swedish Armed Forces order additional IRIS-T SLS surface-to-air missiles
The Swedish Armed Forces are receiving additional IRIS-T SLS surface-to-air missiles. Starting October 30, 2015, the Swedish Procurement Agency FMV issued on option for the delivery of the guided missiles. The InfraRed Imaging System – Tail vector controlled surface-to-air missile was first ordered by Sweden in March 2013 external link, with the SLS version of the weapon a SAM version of the original air-to-air missile external link.
Swedish Armed Forces order additional IRIS T SLS surface to air missiles 640 001Sweden will take delivery of another batch of IRIS-T SLS surface-to-air missiles

IRIS-T SLS (Surface Launched Short Range) uses the unchanged air-to-air missile IRIS-T for vertical firing from a launcher mounted on a Unimog 5000 vehicle. The reasonably priced, mobile and all-terrain capable "plug & fight“ short-range air defence system is suited for airspace defence and object protection, e.g. radar units, airfields, etc..

The vertical start enables comprehensive 360° defence. The infrared seeker´s lock-on to the target occurs before launching after target designation by ground station´s battle management system. It can intercept flying targets within a range of 25km.

The IRIS-T SLS guided missile can be adapted to country-specific transport- and launcher vehicles with a variable frame system.