Polish SOF to acquire combat training system from Elbit 41111154

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Polish SOF to acquire combat training system from Elbit
The Polish Special Operations Forces will soon be using a new, live-fire, simulations-based system from Elbit Systems. The Combat Training System (CTS) will provide realistic combat training through live simulation. The system has been specifically designed for special operations forces. It is marketed in cooperation with RUAG Defence of Switzerland and Autocomp Management Ltd. of Poland.
Polish SOF to acquire combat training system from Elbit
(Photo: Elbit Systems)

The CTS can train from individual soldiers up to a full-size unit in force-on-force exercises in realistic scenarios. It simulates a wide array of operational conditions and real-world elements, including those found in urban, rural and indoor environments. Furthermore, leaders and commanders can sharpen their command and control battle management skills, and review, assess and improve their decision-making capabilities, either during the exercises or the debriefing.

The contract includes the delivery of live-fire training suites for soldiers, vehicles and vessels, simulation equipment that will be used in training installations, inert explosives, grenades and suicide bomber kits. Further to these, Digital Video Recording (DVR) and data-link equipment will be provided to allow network-enable training, through a central management control, which will combine all sorts of forces and equipment. The DVR will allow the recorded data to be use for analysis and improve the overall training experience.

Yoram Shmuely, General Manager of Elbit Systesms Aerospace Division, said: "Elbit's CTS was chosen, among many competitors, due to its superior performance and reliability. We are very proud to partner with RUAG Defence and Autocomp Management Ltd. in this project, and hope that it will further strengthen our cooperationin the field of land-based training and simulation, both in the region and beyond”.