Czech MoD delivered equipment to Iraqis and Kurds 42611152

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Czech MoD delivered equipment to Iraqis and Kurds
The Czech Ministry of Defence delivered a large quantity of military supplies to the Iraqi Armed Forces and the Kurdish fighters. The shipment was part of the country’s support in the fight against the Islamic State and will continue in the near future.
Czech MoD delivered equipment to Iraqis and Kurds
Ammunition is loaded on a Boeing C-17 cargo aircraft. (Photo: Czech Republic Mod)

The cargo was transported with the assistance of USAF’s and RAF’s transport aircraft, which flew many round trips between the Pardubice airport in the Czech Republic and Baghdad airport in Iraq. Ten million machine-gun cartridges and 5,000 hand grenades were handed over to the Iraqi Government officials.

As per the agreement signed with the Iraqi officials, part of the military equipment was handed-over to the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in northern Iraq, who have proven to be a valuable ally of the coalition against the Islamic State.

According to the Deputy Defence Minister Jakub Landovsky, Czech Republic’s support will continue indefinitely. More deliveries will follow soon, including machine-gun cartridges, anti-tank weapons, hand grenades and other. Furthermore, if an agreement with the Iraqi side is reached, possibly by the end of the year, 6,000 Type 58 rifles would be shipped as well.