China and Cambodia signed a new military agreement 41011153

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China and Cambodia signed a new military agreement
The Chinese Defence Minister, Chang Wanquan, signed a new defence equipment contract during his visit at Phnom Penh with his Cambodian counterpart, Tea Banh, on 6 November, according to Reuters news agency. It was an effort of the two countries to expand their already close military cooperation.
China and Cambodia agreed on a new military multi-contract
The Cambodian Defence Minister (right) and his Chinese counterpart (left)
after the signing of the agreement. (Photo: Cambodian MoD)

The Cambodian Defence minister said that the “visit of the defence minister of the People’s Republic of China has achieved good results”. He also revealed that China had delivered to his country a number of man-portable air defence systems (MANPADS). However, he declined to give the exact number and type of the missiles.

For the future he said that Cambodia is looking to acquire long-range air defence systems, while Russia would build military academies in the country. He made clear that no fighter aircraft would be required at this stage, given the existence of a ground-based air defence network.

Chang Wanquan reiterated that China would stand at Cambodia’s side by helping in the development and modernization of its armed forces. Besides that, China is the biggest investor in the country’s economy and an important buyer of Cambodian natural resource commodities.