Pakistan would like to test the new Chinese MBT-3000 VT4 main battle tank 0511141


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Wednesday, November 5, 2014 09:31 AM
Pakistan would like to test the new Chinese MBT-3000 VT4 main battle tank.
According to Kanwa Defense Review, Pakistan is looking forward to testing the new MBT-3000 (also called VT4 for the export version) main battle tank designed by China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) based in Beijing. According NORINCO, the MBT-3000 is the latest technology of main battle tank especially designed to meet the challenge of high-tech warfare.

Unlike the older AL-Khalid or MBT-2000, the MBT-3000 is motorized with a 1300 horsepower diesel engine manufactured in China. This is slightly more powerful than the engine currently used by the Type 99G, the most advanced main battle tank used by the People's Liberation Army, with 1280hp. The MBT-3000 developed for the overseas market is indeed the most powerful tank made in China.

The main armament of the MBT-3000 consists of smoothbore gun fitted with a thermal sleeve and fume extractor. It is fed by an automatic loader which holds a total of 22 projectiles and charges which can be loaded at the rate of eight per minute. In addition, the tank is equipped with a set of guided weapons, allowing use of a guided missile with a range of up to 5 km.

The turret is in the centre and is of all-welded steel armour construction to which a layer of composite armour has been added over the frontal arc. To increase the body side protection, the MBT-3000 can be fitted with with explosive reactive armour (ERA). Stowage baskets are mounted to the rear and each side of the turret.

The MBT-3000 is equipped with a stabilised fire control including second-generation cooled thermal imager sights for the commander and gunner. The tank is also fitted with laser range finder.


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