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Ten Russian ships conduct Air Defense exercise near Kaliningrad.

| 2022

According to information published by Tass on February 28, 2022, over ten Baltic fleet warships were engaged in an air defense exercise in Baltiysk in the Kaliningrad region.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Buyan-class M corvette Zelenyy Dol (Picture source: Tass)

An approach of hostile aviation to the base was exposed. The warships were alerted and received data about the airspace situation. Upon classifying the targets, the warships destroyed them with antiaircraft missiles and artillery fire.

“Small missile ships and boats, corvettes and small antisubmarine ships and minesweepers were engaged in the air defense exercise. Over ten surface warships participated,” the fleet said.

The minesweepers of the Baltyysk Naval base could be Sonya-class, Alexandrit-class seagoing, or Lida-class and the small antisubmarine ships could be Parchima-class corvettes Aleksin, Kabardino-Balkaria or Kalmykiya.

The Parchim-class corvette (Soviet designation Project 1331M) was developed for the East German Navy in the late 1970s, and built by the Wolgast Peene-Werft. The ships were designed for coastal anti-submarine warfare.

Because of their displacement, over 800 tons in full load, they were able to leave coastal waters, even in rough weather. The ships were constructed with regular (stainless) steel and consisted of ten waterproof compartments.

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