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Russia's Malakhit Ready to Design Air-Independent AIP Submarine Engine.

| 2018

Malakhit Design Bureau has acquired the necessary experience to launch R&D and create an air-independent power plant for a prospective non-nuclear submarine, the annual statement of the enterprise said.

AIP system on the AMUR class submarineAIP system on the AMUR class submarine (for illustration purpose only)

"Prototype trials held in 2016-2017 confirmed the operability of the power plant as a surface and underwater engine. Thus, the necessary technical experience has been obtained for R&D to create a specific project with a low level of risk. The power plant has no direct analogues in foreign and domestic designs," it said.

Malakhit in St. Petersburg initiated in 2010 the design of an air-independent power plant with a gas turbine operating by a closed cycle. A prototype was created in 2015 and is undergoing test trials.
Bureau CEO Vladimir Dorofeyev earlier told TASS Malakhit was designing a power plant for non-nuclear submarines with a displacement below a thousand tons. Rubin Design Bureau is also creating an air-independent power plant for non-nuclear submarines. The Russian Navy said it expects to get the power plant from Rubin in 2021-2022.

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