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BAE Systems awarded contract for engineering, integration & testing for Aegis Combat System.

| 2015
Naval Defense Industry News - USA
BAE Systems awarded contract for engineering, integration & testing for Aegis Combat System
The U.S. Navy has awarded BAE Systems a five-year contract to provide critical system engineering, integration, and testing expertise for the Aegis Combat System on board surface ships. The initial award is valued at $23 million with the total value of the five-year contract estimated at $120 million.
Swedish defence and security company Saab is teaming with Dutch shipbuilder Damen Shipyards Group to explore future opportunities in the international submarine market. The companies have signed an exclusive teaming agreement to work together in pursuit of the potential Walrus-class submarine replacement programme for the Netherlands. In addition to this project, Saab and Damen will also explore ways in which they might bid jointly on other submarine procurement programmes.
The Aegis Combat System is the U.S. Navy’s most advanced and complex weapon system.
Picture: BAE Systems
“Our Aegis system engineering experts have been working side by side with sailors for more than 40 years to modernize and strengthen the U.S. Navy’s fleet of Aegis-equipped surface ships,” said DeEtte Gray, president of BAE Systems’ Intelligence & Security sector. “Together, we are enhancing the U.S. Navy’s combat readiness.”

The Aegis Combat System — the U.S. Navy’s most advanced and complex weapon system — uses state-of-the-art computers and radars to track and guide weapons to destroy enemy targets. Under the Aegis Technical Representative Engineering Support Services contract, BAE Systems’ experts will provide system development, integration, engineering, and maintenance support to ensure the readiness of the system.

In addition to providing critical support for the Aegis system itself, BAE Systems is an industry leader in modernizing the Navy’s fleet of Cruisers and Destroyers equipped with the Aegis system. With shipyard operations across the country, the company has performed every major type of ship-based Aegis platform modernization. The company also provides support and technology for the land-based portion of the program, Aegis Ashore.
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