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Lockheed Martin to Design Mini-Submarine for United States Special Operations Command.

| 2013
Naval Forces News - USA
Lockheed Martin to Design Mini-Submarine for United States Special Operations Command
It was announced on November 29th that Lockheed Martin MST was awarded a $9,999,830 contract to lease the S301i, a commercially-classed dry submersible vessel with lock-in/lock-out capability and to support risk mitigation research, development, test, and evaluation for long-term Dry Combat Submersibles program objectives in support of United States Special Operations Command, Program Executive Office - Maritime.

Contacted by Navyrecognition, a Lockheed Martin representative said the company can not provide more details on the DOD Contract announcement.
S301i Swimmer Delivery System
S301 Swimmer Delivery Vehicle
Picture: Submergence Group LLC

Navyrecognition then contacted the U.S. Special Operations Command and we were able to get the following information:

The USSOCOM Undersea evolutionary acquisition strategy entails development and fielding of separate undersea capabilities. The first effort is the development and fielding of the Shallow Water Combat Submersible (SWCS) Block I, a wet combat submersible. The second effort was the Dry Combat Submersible-Light (DCSL), also referred to as the SWCS Block II. The third increment, SWCS Block III, named the Dry Combat Submersible-Medium (DCSM).

The DCSL program was unfunded in FY12, and instead, USSOCOM's Dry Combat Submersible Technology Development (DCS TD) program is now investigating the applicability of relevant low-cost commercial technologies, techniques for use in a future affordable small lock-in/lock-out submersible. This work includes prototyping to refine technical requirements and reduce risk. Currently there are two different dry combat submersibles under contract with USSOCOM that will aide in informing a DCS Milestone B acquisition decision in the FY16 timeframe.

The two dry combat submersibles currently under contract will be tested in Panama City and should be near the end of its testing by CY-14. The prototypes are scheduled to be transferred to Pearl Harbor by mid-CY-15.

USSOCOM is pursuing a sole-source contract with Lockheed Martin to lease the S301i, to conduct risk mitigation research, development, test and evaluation in support of the undersea objectives. The S301i is also intended to undergo testing in Panama City, Fl.

S301 Swimmer Delivery System Specifications:
Length: ~25 Feet (7.62 meters)
Beam: ~6 Feet (1.82 meters)
Weight: 13 tons
Operating Depth: >600 feet
Power: Lithium ion batteries
Submerged Duration: Confidential
Cruising Speed Submerged: Confidential
Life Support: Exceeds ABS Standard
Available Power for Payload (wet): Twenty four (12/24/48) VDC
Payload Capacity (wet and dry):
8 man team, 2 pilots and 6 swimmers and/or misc.
other, i.e.: AUVs, ROVs, Inflatable boats, etc.
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