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New Turkish Kemankes 2 Loitering Munition Successfully Conducts Initial Launch Test.

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On April 16, 2024, the Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar announced the the initiation of testing for its latest development, the Kemankes 2 loitering munition. This new model follows the original Kemankes, which was showcased last year when launched from a TB2 UAV. The Kemankes 2, an advanced version, is jet-powered and features improvements such as artificial intelligence and enhanced operational capabilities.
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The video released by Baykar included a rapid acceleration launch of the Kemankes 2 loitering munition (Picture source: Baykar Technologies)

Recent tests, which included a rapid acceleration launch, were showcased through a video released by Baykar, providing a preview of its design and functionalities. The missile appears larger than its predecessor and incorporates components similar to those of the KaGeM-V3, a joint project with Pakistan. Designed for deep-strike missions targeting high-priority objectives, the missile is equipped with a jet engine that enables rapid deployment over distances exceeding 200 kilometers and a flight duration of approximately one hour.

Baykar has also integrated an AI-supported optical guidance system that allows the Kemankes 2 to operate with high precision even in adverse weather conditions. This system is complemented by anti-jamming technology, which protects the missile from electronic interference, enhancing its effectiveness in various operational environments. The missile’s capability to transmit data and images to ground control stations adds a layer of operational transparency and command efficiency.

The first version in this series, the Kemankes 1, was introduced at TEKNOFEST 2023, and its testing was successfully carried out in June 2023 from a Bayraktar TB2 UAV. This development underscores Baykar’s commitment to indigenous and original military technology, significantly contributing to its standing in the defense market.

Baykar, a leading exporter of unmanned aerial vehicles, has notably secured a large portion of its revenue from international markets. According to the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Baykar has led the defense and aerospace sector in exports in recent years, with a significant percentage of its contracts coming from abroad. This export success emphasizes Baykar’s dominance in the global UAV market, with the company managing a major share of Turkey’s sector exports in 2023 alone.

With ongoing advancements and the successful integration of AI and other technologies into its products, Baykar is poised to further influence the dynamics of modern warfare, equipping militaries with sophisticated tools designed to enhance their operational capabilities.

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