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Eurosatory 2024 Sees Introduction of VR Cars Fox 4x4 Vehicle.

VR Cars, a Latvia-based company, has unveiled the Fox, a new 4x4 vehicle, at Eurosatory 2024. Designed to withstand the tough conditions of the Baltic region, the Fox is one of two test vehicles currently being evaluated. Lessons learned from the conflict in Ukraine have significantly influenced its design, resulting in a rugged all-terrain vehicle capable of traversing swamps and soft soils typically found in deep forests.
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The Fox is a 3-ton class vehicle with a curb weight of 2 tons and a payload capacity of 1 ton (Picture source: ArmyRecognition)

The Fox features a driveline and suspension solution developed in Latvia, complemented by a 2-litre, 220hp diesel engine supplied by Ford.

Notably, parts of the rear and front axles are fully interchangeable, which simplifies maintenance and spare parts management. VR Cars' approach emphasizes survivability through exceptional mobility and stealth.

The company asserts that in the complex conditions of the Arctic and Eastern Europe, traditional armor is no longer relevant due to the threat posed by anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and drones.

Consequently, the Fox has been designed without doors to facilitate easy ingress and egress. Its interior is constructed from strong composite plastic, allowing for easy cleaning with a high-pressure water jet. 

The Fox is a 3-ton class vehicle with a curb weight of 2 tons and a payload capacity of 1 ton. It can carry a crew of up to four soldiers along with weapons, ATGMs, mines, and drones. The vehicle is also capable of integrating a full radio system. The Fox platform can support a range of configurations, including ambulance, command post, weapons carrier, and drone control center.

A 6x6 version is anticipated, which will share significant mechanical parts with the 4x4 version. VR Cars plans to have the Fox ready for production next year and is currently in discussions with potential customers in the region.

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