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Colombia agrees the purchase of French CAESAR 155mm howitzers.

| 2023

According to information published by the "InfoDefensa" website on January 1, 2022, Colombia selected the French-made CAESAR 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer as the future artillery system for the Colombian army.
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French army CAESAR 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Colombia has released a purchase document with the reference 21-2022 MDN-EJC announcing an investment of around $100 million for the purchase of an undisclosed number of French-made CAESAR, a 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer designed and manufactured by the French company Nexter Systems.

In May 2022, the CAESAR howitzer was tested in Colombia and he surpassed artillery systems from Turkey and Israel.

It is yet another success for the French company Nexter, which had already signed an order on December 29, 2022, with Lithuania for the procurement of 18 CAESAR Mk 2 NG (New Generation).

The French CAESAR howitzer is now in service with several countries all over the world including Denmark, France, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Ukraine. The howitzer was also ordered by Belgium, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Morocco.

The CAESAR which is currently used by the Ukrainian army against Russian forces has shown incredible firepower and high accuracy thanks to the use of artillery guided munitions.

The CAESAR is a truck-mounted artillery system that can be based on a 6x6 or an 8x8 military truck chassis with a 155 mm/52 caliber cannon mounted at the rear. It can fire six to eight rounds a minute in sustained fire or three rounds in 15 seconds in rapid fire.

The 155mm 52-caliber barrel of the CAESAR has a firing range from 4.5 to 40 km. In January 2022, the French-made CAESAR 155mm 6x6 wheeled self-propelled howitzer firing Raytheon Excalibur extended-range artillery projectiles directly struck two targets at a distance of more than 46 kilometers, a record-setting range for this artillery gun system.

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