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Vietnam army unveils new indigenous XTC-02 amphibious 4x4 APC.

| 2022

VietDefense on its Facebook page published on August 23 photos recently leaked from an anonymous source which shows a new indigenous APC called the XTC-02 ; No details are available. This is the 3rd time the Vietnamese army unveils a new indigenous vehicle after the PTH-130 130mm self-propelled howitzer and the XCB-01 BMP-1 look alike.
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XTC-02 is probably a prototype of amphibious APC designed for the Vietnamese army (Picture source: VietDefense)

The vehicle appears to be designed for a two-man crew (commander and driver) and a 10-soldier fighting crew. As it perfectly suits a country like Vietnam, crisscrossed by rivers and deltas in its long coastal line and in the south, the vehicle is amphibious without preparation but one cannot see whether propulsion relies on a propeller (most probable) or hydrojet(s).

The 4x4 chassis is not identifiable at first but it is most probably a pre-existing 4x4 Russian truck or armored vehicle. The wheel hubs look different from those of an old BRDM-2. Nor armament is visible on what might well simply be a prototype.

The registration XTC-02 may suggest there is or has been an XTC-01, also a prototype.

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