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Rostec upgrades production of Grad and Tornado-G rocket launchers.

| 2022

The BM-21 Grad and Tornado-G multiple rocket launchers have successfully proven themselves in the market, which is why there is a high demand for them throughout the world today. For example, BM-21 Grad, even almost 60 years after its creation, remains in demand by the armies of many countries.
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Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Tornado-G 122 mm MLRS (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The 122 mm Tornado-G MLRS system based on the BM-21 Grad was also recognized worldwide. Its survivability on the battlefield, according to experts, has become 5 times better. Tornado-G has a modern navigation system that allows to collect and process signals from satellites, making the system more maneuverable.

Modern equipment is being installed at the Perm sites of the military division of Motovilikha Plants, the IT infrastructure is being upgraded, and new workplaces are being organized. Rostec invited Technodinamika to manage the military division of Motovilikha Plants in March 2020. The holding generously invests in the modernization of production at its Perm sites. For example, procurement procedures have already been conducted for Motovilikha Plant in Perm for the purchase of modern high-performance metalworking machines with computer numerical control for a total of 2 billion rubles.

The Tornado-G is equipped with a bank of 40 launch tubes in 4 rows of 122 mm arranged in a rectangular shape that can be turned away from the unprotected cab.  The roof of the Tornado-G crew cab is fitted with a small antenna for the GLONASS satellite navigation system. It can fire upgraded 122 mm Grad HE-Frag and HE (High Explosive)/HEAT (High-Explosive Anti-Tank) rocket variants, 9M538, 9M539, and 9M541. The new rocket has a much longer warhead section but without any increase in the overall length. The rockets have a maximum range of 30 km. According to Russian military sources, the new rockets of the Tornado-G could have a maximum firing range of 90 km.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Tornado-G 122 mm MLRS (Picture source: Rostec)


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