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Brazil willing to purchase 36 wheeled self-propelled howitzers.

| 2022

As Laurent Lagneau reports in, the Brazilian army (Exército Brasileiro) is talking about modernizing, or strengthening, its long-range artillery within the framework of the VBCOAP program (Viatura Blindada de Combate Obus Autopropulsada), which aims to acquire 36 155 mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers. And, to this end, the Logistics Command (Comando Logístico – COLOG) of the Brazilian Army has issued a request for information from manufacturers likely to deliver such a capability.
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CAESAr NG self-propelled howitzer (Picture source: Nexter)

According to the specialized Brazilian site Tecnologia & Defesa, Nexter’s CAESAr NG Elbit Systems’ ATMOS 2000 and BAE Systems Bofors’ Archer would have been solicited. As well as, and this may seem surprising, Laurent Lagneau comments, Norinco for its SH15.

The Brazilian Ministry of Defense foresees two phases for this procedure: the first will consist in obtaining two pieces of artillery in order to be able to carry out technical-operational evaluations. Then, a second contract will then be notified for the remaining 34 units. Their delivery will be done in batches and will be spread over eight years. As is customary, technology transfers or, failing that, industrial compensation is now planned.


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