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Army 2019: Radar mms showcases its radar designs, UAVs and more.

| 2019

Radar mms Company from St. Petersburg will display its radar designs, air-based complexes, drones, a flight simulator, a robotized sea rescue complex, and other products at Army-2019 forum, the company said.

Army 2019 Radar mms showcases its radar designs UAVs and more SIMULATOR
Flight simulator (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"Participants in the forum will be offered an upgraded flight simulator which unites several systems: active flight safety and flight by radar survey of the ground and water surface, detection of air, ground and water objects, relief survey in poor visibility, etc. The simulator has indication to reflect the results of radar survey. The high-speed craft is controlled by a digital system with numerous sensors. The system is unprecedented in Russia. It models malfunctions to minimize design errors and improve training of the personnel," it said.

The forum will also feature Kasatka sight which includes radars, magnetometer, optical-electronic and acoustic systems and other precise monitoring systems integrated by a modern computer platform. The open architecture and modular design, as well as various configurations for specific tasks and types of air carriers make Kasatka a universal means for underwater and surface detection, environment monitoring, search-and-rescue, maritime economic security and other strategic missions.

Army 2019 Radar mms showcases its radar designs UAVs and more BRIZ DRONE
Briz (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Radar mms will display Briz drones with automatic BVS VT 500 controls of its own design. Aurora robotized rescue complex will debut at Army-2019.

The Alexeyev Design Bureau will display the latest designs of vessels with hydrodynamic principle. The display will feature sea and river vessels of various designation: missile-artillery hydrofoil boat Antares RA, Dyugon landing ship with an air cavern, and patrol speedboat.

Army 2019 Radar mms showcases its radar designs UAVs and more AURORA
Aurora (Picture source: Army Recognition)

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