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FN Expert: the most efficient marksmanship training system.

| 2018

At Enforce TAC 2018, FN Herstal demonstrated their marksmanship training solution which drew a high interest from both Bundeswehr members and various special forces.

FN Expert the most efficient marksmanship training system
The FN Expert demonstration was regarded as highly convincing by first-time military users (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Designed and developed by Noptel – an FN Herstal subsidiary that specializes in innovative, optoelectronic systems – the FN Expert is an advanced marksmanship training solution that can be attached to any rifle or carbine to provide dry, blank and live fire training for shooters and trainers operating in defense and security. The system provides shooters with safe training of fundamental marksmanship skills using simulated (Airsoft) or actual duty weapons. It offers the choice between static or dynamic scenarios, for one or multiple shooters.

By providing shooters using their own service weapon with instant feedback on their performance, the FN Expert accelerates the improvement in fundamental marksmanship skills (holding, aiming, breathing and triggering), as well as develops muscle memory. It also facilitates instructors’ coaching skills by providing objective tools to measure shooter performance. Indeed, the FN Expert measures rifle movement during aiming and triggering, detects the shot, shows the location of both the hit and miss, and shows and analyzes the shooter’s performance in a simple, graphical and numerical way.

The FN Expert can be used everywhere, indoors with simulated shooting distances or outdoors with life-size targets and real shooting distances up to 300m, even in confined spaces including unconventional training areas such as deployed operating bases, warships or police stations.



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