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Rheinmetall aims to dominate the laser aiming industry with the latest version of the Vario-Ray LowProfile series.

| 2017

Rheinmetall is introducing the latest version of the cutting-edge Vario-Ray LowProfile to the US market. The latest version of Rheinmetall’s Vario-Ray LowProfile (VR-LP) is a compact laser aiming and illuminating device that was designed and developed by Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics (RSE) in Stockach, Germany.

rheinmetall vario ray lowprofile laser module usarmy 925 001 This innovative product features four lasers: a red visible aiming laser, a near infrared laser, as well as two near infrared illuminators.(Picture Rheinmetall )

The VR- LP builds upon The Rheinmetall Group’s extensive laser aiming product knowledge to provide a system that is second to none. This design enables the device to withstand the demands of today’s compact assault rifles and hostile combat environments while providing the operator with a system that is straightforward to use. American Rheinmetall Systems, LLC fully supports the manufacture and sale of this product in the US market. Rheinmetall’s new laser aiming device stands above the rest with its waterproof, lightweight, durable aluminum case that extends less than one inch above the mounting rail to assure the holographic sights are not obstructed.

The system provides superior illumination beam quality and uniformity that increases the operator’s situational awareness in all environments. The VR-LP’s cutting edge design allows the operator to easily adjust the power settings of all four lasers as well as the illuminators narrow and wide field of view. The ruggedized design of the VR-LP provides stability, reliability, and is compatible with all in-service night vision devices. Competitively priced, the new member of Rheinmetall’s Vario-Ray LowProfile-family is the solution to the modern day war fighter’s aiming and illuminating needs.

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