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Hensoldt presents its self-sufficient 3D printer solution.

| 2017

HENSOLDT is advancing into a new field of business: HENSOLDT AM Suite, a completely self-sufficient 3D printing cell, in an easy-to-transport container, is aimed at helping customers to introduce 3D printing technology into their companies. They are thus the first German company to offer a turnkey solution for 3D printing.

hensoldt 3d printer container 925 001(Picture: Hensoldt )

The variety of options for 3D printing technology are being discussed everywhere these days. In future a lot of things will be possible due to 3D printing, for example the development and production of prototypes, the design of manufacturing processes, stock keeping and stock levels of spare parts. This all presumes, however, that companies manage to successfully introduce this technology.

“When introducing 3D printing, companies are confronted by numerous challenges – the project is complex, large investments are required, rooms have to be specially set up, and the extensive knowledge which is needed to make the technology useful for the company is usually not available internally,” said Franziska Unseld, project manager at HENSOLDT. “And that is just where we come in. We offer customers a turnkey solution, which they can modify to meet their needs.”

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