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New targeting device to double Pantsir anti-aircraft range 71010163.

| 2016
Defence & Security News - Russia
New targeting device to double Pantsir anti-aircraft range
The anti-aircraft missile and gun Pantsir-SM complex will be able to destroy targets at a distance of up to 40 kilometers due to a multifunctional targeting station. It is twice as far as the current modification can operate, First Deputy Director General and Chief Designer of the Central Device-making Design Bureau of Rostec State Corporation Alexander Khomyakov told reporters.
"The device was developed for Pantsir-SM. It is a multifunctional targeting station which increases the firing range nearly two-fold. Besides, a phased-array active missile seeker has been developed," he said.

The range of existing Pantsir-S1 complex is close to 20 kilometers while that of the new one is up to 40 kilometers. The modernized Pantsir will detect targets at a distance of 75 kilometers against 40 kilometers of the existing modification, Khomyakov said.

Components of the new anti-aircraft complex are undergoing test trials, he said but did not specify when the tests will be over.

The Russian defense ministry said in August that Pantsir-SM will be passed over to the troops "very soon". The complex is to get a new high-speed missile and will considerably surpass existing weapons. It was also reported that an Arctic and a seaborne Pantsir versions are being developed.
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