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ABP presents its Ballistic PAW, a self-fill device using non-explosive flammable liquid, at MSPO 2016 70809162.

| 2016
MSPO 2016
Official Foreign Online Show Daily News and Official Web TV
International Defense Industry Exhibition & conference
6 - 9 September 2016
Kielce, Poland
MSPO 2016 - ABP
35mm Oerlikon gun systems and Ahead ammunition from Rheinmetall at MSPO 2016
At MSPO 2016, ABP showcases the Ballistic Paw, the Ballistic Paw is a powerful explosive solution for all forms of EOD, both land and maritime. The Balistic Paw is the smaller brother to Balistic FIST.
ABP presents its Ballistic PAW at MSPO 2016 002
ABP's Ballistic Paw
(Credit: Army Recognition)
The Balistic PAW is a self-fill device using non-explosive flammable liquid, classified at HAZMAT Class 3, that is mixed with a small quantity of sensitizer immediately before use. At this point the device becomes an explosive unit. It is supplied in two rugged Peli cases holding 46 devices. The required detonators are transported separately.

The use of a UN Class 3 flammable liquid over more conventional explosives, allows easier movement of the devices using air, sea, road and rail transport. Less security measures are required meaning further cost reductions. There is no loss of power with a 27% increase over a TNT equivalent and the whole unit with 46 devices (less detonators) weighs in at 27kg (total weight). The devices themselves weigh a mere 350g and can take any military or civilian detonator as well as det cord booster to penetrate >30mm steel plate. A simple tripod, consisting of three metal ‘skewers’ is quick and easy to set up and the Balistic PAW rests on the top with no tools required to prepare the complete device. It can also be set up as desired to fire on all axis planes. Minimal training is required, further cutting down on costs and the device is ideal for rapid deployment or stand down timings. If the device is no longer needed, the detonator is removed, the cap unscrewed and the liquid poured away, making it safe.

The devices consist of an aluminium body, a twist grip gland (to house the detonator) and a copper EFP (explosively formed projectile). It can be used for a number of EOD solutions, up to large metal cased munitions.




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