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Shells hit the Russian embassy in Damascus 41410151.

| 2015
Defence & Security News - (Russia)
Shells hit the Russian embassy in Damascus
Two artillery shells hit the Russian embassy complex in Damascus. During that time, a pro-Russian rally was taking place. One shell hit the sports facility and the other one of the living quarters, within the complex. Six more shells hit the surrounding area, without inflicting any casualties among the civilians or the embassy personnel, albeit some of the participants at the rally were injured.
Shells hit the Russian embassy in Damascus
A building in the Russian embassy complex in Damascus (Source: SANA News Agency)

According to the latest information, the shells came from a suburb controlled by jihadists. It is not the first time that the Russian embassy has become their target. Last May a person lost its life after an attack with mortars, while three were injured in April when another mortar round struck inside the embassy complex.

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, has described the incident as a terror attack in an effort to intimidate those who fight against the jihadi extremism. Yesterday, the spokesman of the Islamic State, Fadhil Ahmad al Hayal, called Muslims around the world to join the jihad against Russia. It was the first time that IS called Muslims, including those in the Russian Caucasus, to carry out such acts against Russia.



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